SAJETA 2016 / Javorca

This year topic was to create complex design which includes several related thimes:

100 years of Dadaism - 100 years of ‘Javorca’ church /church made for all religions/, where the main concerts will be held - emphasize the female creature, along with music and

natural, blue Sajeta environment


The main plan is a girl / woman, and the whole composition has a working title of Readymade Female. Her body floats, swims astonished by music from the gramophone. Birds flying freely. The music is created by animals as a natural association to Sajeta. Walrus with his tusk plays vinyl, the other one enjoys, deer plays saxophone ... There is the asparagus forest, because she eats a healthy food and monitor all trends of modern society. Right side follows little girl with a hat and a bag, going to the world "echoes from invisible landscapes". In that way, the main composition is associated with a concert in ‘Javorca’.


There is a small van, painted pink, for the record, a symbol of the freedom of her movement ...


Girl's body is connected with jellyfish (translucent floating freely being), her tits are speakers (this is the important part of the body that sets it apart as a female being, while music comes from her soul). Makeup, because it so necessary nowadays to be appreciated, that’s why her mouth and lipstick are so highlighted ... Her head is jellyfish’s  body has with a flower on her head - dressed up and ready for the world ... readymade girl. Up right camera is rolling... In the background - water, blue, simply – Sajeta. 




POSTER /main concert/ IN JAVORCA