about sajeta

>> Sajeta Creative Camp is a festival and a place of encounter for various artistic practices and experiences with music as its central component. Although music presents a large part of the program, the spectrum of artistic forms at the festival is broader: film, multimedia, poetry, sculpture, performances, dance, and graphics among other have their place at the festival<<


logo reDESIGN

Meaning: in Slovenian "sajeta" means "arrow"

Task: logo redesign

Redesign is a sensitive but challenging topic. The challenge being - at the same time, retaining the visual characteristics of the old logo, while creating something new.


Mind process: The requirement is to create more solid, balanced and modernized logo while keeping free-spirited and nature-loving feel of the logo-mark (Sajeta being a creative camp based in natural setting).


Realization: Font is condensed, giving informal and natural look. The human figure is stronger, more visible, and connected to the title, becoming inseparable from it. The major characteristics have been kept - three hairs on it's head, the figure's position, and arrow. The arrow comprises a part of letter "T". The last letter "A" is turned upside down, which is associated with creative - "outside the box" - while at the same time it reminds of lodged tip of the arrow. The logo is clear, legible and recognizable, and can be reduced in size without the loss of legibility.

Left side - original logo since 1998.

Right side - new logo.