about ovsi

Ovsi is a low-fat cracker, the brand being more than 10 years old. It is made of high quality ingredients, characteristic and distinguished taste, marketed to wide range of consumers (families with children, youth, sportsmen, elderly, everyone enjoying its delicious taste while simultaneously paying attention to quality of the product and importance of health food). 

The tag line is "food for health".

Ovsi comes in three flavors: Classic (Original), Mediterraneo (Garlic) and Paprika; and also two packaging sizes - large and small / pocket size.  There are also Ovsi cups - aimed for serving with fillings, salads, sauces...

fb banners

Banners have been done as a mixture of photographs - showing target consumer with Ovsi product in everyday situations, creating wide spectrum of creative and visually engaging ads, and at the same time, pointing out the major characteristics and strengths of the product - healthy, fllling, but light snack, improving digestion and lowering "bad" cholesterol.

packaging redesign

The current design has been used since 2006, when brand's visual identity was redesigned. The task now is to do smaller adjustments, and not complete redesign. 

Task: To create attractive packaging - for its target market. To draw more attention to Ovsi being healthy eating alternative, using only natural ingredients. 

Mind process: remove the people imagery, and leave the choice of flavor to consumer - unnecessary classification of flavor/target audience). Removal of black to enhance the packaging - associating packaging with Ovsi product - sourced from nature. Freshen up product imagery.



Corporate Christmas Cards

Branding and corporate visualization